B.C. Agrifood Resource Guide

The Agrifood Resource Guide is a resource for all B.C. agrifood producers (farmers, ranchers, growers) and food processors. 

Opportunities To Grow Your Business  

There are many agrifood programs in B.C. that help you take advantage of the opportunities before you, and to address potential risks that may challenge you. Our short questionnaire is designed to assist you with finding the information and resources for the program best matched to your business.

Get started by taking our free questionnaire to assist you in making informed decisions on your business:

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What do I do with my results?

After you complete the questionnaire, for each set of results, we have provided you with information on program resources that offer more detailed assistance. Some are offered by the Ministry of Agriculture and others by third party partners such as the B.C. Agricultural Research and Development Corporation (ARDCorp). Check your results to see where your highest opportunities or risks exist, then proceed with contacting the appropriate program representatives to learn more about resources available to assist you.

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For further information on the Agrifood Resource Guide, proceed to Background Information page.

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